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Welcome to the NCLR Website

Dr. David Wright (Surry Community College) and Mary Carr (Spokane Community College) participated in the SEED the FUTURE Community Service Project at the AACC annual conference in New Orleans on Saturday, April 9, 2011.
The project began with a tour of the city, including neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Katrina, followed by lending a hand to a much-needed plant propagation project at the New Orleans City Park Pelican Greenhouse. The plants are destined for the coastal wetlands restoration projects near Grand Isle, LA. Grand Isle was affected by both Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The National Council for Learning Resources (NCLR) is your voice in the American Association of Community Colleges. This is the only official representation of libraries and learning resources in the AACC organization.

NCLR is composed of library/learning resource leaders who have an interest in the mission and future directions of learning resources programs nationwide.

Your personal or institutional membership is needed to support the purposes of NCLR:

  • To provide a member forum and voice within AACC for learning resources topics and concerns
  • To highlight exemplary practices in learning resources programs at the AACC Annual Conference
  • To direct programming toward community college administrators and faculty other than library staff - No more preaching to the choir!
  • To address the concerns of our profession to the faculty and administrators of our colleges

NCLR business is conducted primarily through mailings, phone calls, faxes, and email. Meeting attendance is not required; only officers attend AACC meetings. The program we sponsor at the AACC conference is designed primarily for the executive administrators of our colleges.

Your personal, institutional, or subscribing membership to NCLR gives you a voice in the only professional library organization, which speaks directly to key administrators in two-year colleges. Your support enables NCLR to have a unique impact on the way learning resources programs are viewed and funded on the national level.